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Apart from these both activities the speed of normal activities depend upon the speed of your internet connection, the data to be backed up, the vicinity of your location to the server and extra. It can be said that Carbonite is neither too slow neither too fast however its speed can be enhanced by reducing the load on your device and reducing the number of devices connected to your internet etc. Not only this usage of colors make things fascinating and bewitching.

Carbonite use colors to give several messages to their customers related to the backups. Green dot on a file indicates that the file has been backed up while orange dot shows that it has been selected for backup. In case of Carbonite green color is the sign of completion.

A yellow dot on a folder tells you that certain files in it have been chosen for backup, while a green dot on a folder shows that all the files in that folder are backed up. To enable the color coding on your device you need to activate it in the backup setting section. If you will tick the show colored dots on files and folders followed by save setting then your setting will be activated in your device.

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Carbonite uses data encryption to protect your data. Encryption is one of the most important methods for providing data security, especially for end-to-end protection of data transmitted across networks". Additionally, two factor authentication can be turned on to enhance the security. In this case along with the password an additional security key would be required to enter into your account.

Physically the data centers have ample facilities to protect your data. The data centers are equipped with electric scanners, temperature controls, television surveillance, backup generators and continuous power supply. Guards also protect the data center 24 hours a day. These measures have made your data highly secured. Privacy policy of carbonite is cool.

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The information that Carbonite collects from its customers include name, email address, telephone number, address, password and users name etc. Carbonite also collects banking information like debit card, credit card and various other payment methods. In short Carbonite collect the data which is shared with it while submitting the forms, uploading, downloading or it can be obtained from a third party. While using Carbonite you allow Carbonite to use, process and share your data for research, survey, reporting and other business purposes.

Carbonite answers the question why it uses data by saying that it uses the collected information for marketing purposes, to abide by law and in certain cases to perform a contract.

The customer support of Carbonite is efficient and functional. The knowledge base of Carbonite provides vast knowledge covering many topics asked by customers. Usually the team responses within 24 hours. Team is comprised of competent and active members. Most of the customers seem satisfied with the support provided by Carbonite support team. Software market is full of such products which products which act a substitute for Carbonite. A range of software can provide the same services as provided by Carbonite but certain differences distinguish each of them from others.

The alternatives of Carbonite include names such as;. There are many features of online backups to be compared to reach at a correct backup systems for your computers or phones. Selecting a right backup service is crucial as it takes efforts and money. Following features can be compared in order to reach at a better conclusion for the selection of an affordable and effective backup system:.

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When we try to compare IDrive and Carbonite there can be a great competition between both. Both are famous names. IDrive's real -time backup for Mac makes it a strong competitor of Carbonite. The 10TB of storage space provided by IDrive under various plans is sufficient enough to store files of any size and quality.

Lets compare both;. Electronics where they have made life easier and comfortable at the same time, they have made data vulnerable to loss and susceptible to attackers. Therefore, a system is needed that protects your data so that you can obtain it when a disaster occurs to your hard drive.

Carbonite many people think is a great peace of mind as it copies and saves everything on your computer. It runs behind the scene and smoothly performs its work. When you keep it on auto it will perform its function without demanding a penny of effort from you however, if you keep it on manual mode you need to instruct it about the files which are supposed to be backed up.

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So, let Carbonite perform its work while activating the automatic backup and sleep with a peaceful heart and mind. On carbonite your data is coded with AES bit encryption so that only the authorized person could avail it. When private encryption is turned on then encryption switches to AES bit data encryption which is more secure more safe.

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Carbonite offers three backup plans and on all of them unlimited storage space is provided. As people are getting advanced and businesses are expanding the apace required by customer is also increasing. In this regard Carbonite is a great help and gives you unlimited storage space at reasonable prices.

As mentioned above there are three platforms from where support can be obtained i. Questions asked are promised to be answered within 24 hours by Carbonite. Carbonite is considered to be one of the best products still it is not there with its loopholes.

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Carbonite can disappoint you in the following cases;. We all are in hurry and we want all activities around us in a quick and hurried manner. And when it comes to a network speed no one can compromise on it. A low network speed where dissipates a lot of time at the same time, it drains your energy too because you need to perform certain things again and again.

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If you talk about the backup speed of Carbonite, as stated earlier initial backup takes a lot of time. The backup speed may also depend upon the size of data to be backed up. The smaller the data the lesser time it will consume. Once all of the folders and files are backed up Carbonite starts working at a much faster rates. Restoration speeds for normal functioning is normal but when you restore everything that is saved online it will make you wait for hours and even days which is quite annoying.

One of the Carbonite article suggests the following steps to increase the speed of your downloads and uploads. If these steps are ensured hopefully Carbonite can satisfy you with its upload and download speeds.

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Carbonite has recently increased the charges on all its plan. These prices are high enough to be paid. As the similar services are provided by other backup companies like iDrive and Back blaze at lesser and cheaper prices, its stupidity to go for higher prices. Carbonite supports external hard drive backup on Mac and window operating systems. An external hard drive that is connected to your computer through USB can be backed up easily. Carbonite Safe plus and above can be used to backup an external hard drive.

You have to right click the hard drive connected to your computer for window OS followed by clicking back this up. Your external hard drive is ready for backup. Carbonite mobile can be used to access the files that have been backed up using Carbonite mobile. Carbonite mobile app is available foe iPhone, iPad and android. You can use Google play store to download Carbonite mobile app.