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Not sure if this thread goes here, feel free to move this thread to where it should go. I been watching a show on youtube called extreme couponing. It's an American reality tv show. I live in London, and whenever I see supermarket coupons, it ain't worth alot. You rarely get a coupon where you can get a product for free.

However, in this reality tv show, people get a coupon worth the total price of the products they purchase. I assume this reality tv show is real, and it shows people in America and Canada collecting coupons and using them in supermarkets. Now, for those who think it's sad to use coupons. I don't see a problem with it, and would proberly collect coupons myself to get money off products. However, there is hardly any coupons I get get for supermarkets. The coupons are worth very little and sometimes I don't get any coupons at all. Quality food and drink in supermarkets is really expensive in the UK and I wished I could get them for free.

Not what you're looking for? Fusion Badges: Report 7 years ago 2. Normally each coupon states 'not to be used in conjunction with other offers'. Report 7 years ago 3. Original post by GuyUK Not sure if this thread goes here, feel free to move this thread to where it should go. Report 7 years ago 4. It's probably something to do with companies endorsing supermarkets in the US and subsidising the offers, something we maybe can't afford to do here.

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No idea how it works though. Report 7 years ago 5.

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Report 7 years ago 6. I don't know how generous they are in the US compared to the UK, but I think it's all about playing the game, exploiting the loopholes etc.

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Maybe it is possible to do in the UK, maybe there are people who do it, I don't know, but if you're smart you can save money on pretty much anything. PinkMobilePhone Badges: Report 7 years ago 7. It's not possible to do it in the UK. Our coupons are too restrictive.

I wish it was possible to do it the way they do, I'd be the first to give it a go, but sadly it's not; not to that extent. Report 7 years ago 8. My mum collectes loads of coupons but dad won't sue them. My dad does most the shopping but if we actually want him to bring back things we need I have to go with him, this also lets me give the coupons in for money off.

Herr Badges: Report 7 years ago 9. I generally don't do coupons, unless it is something to do with fuel Usually if I do collect the coupons I end up forgetting to bring them along. The other issue is many of these coupons tend to come together as part of junk-mail, I usually throw those junk mail straight into the recycling bin without even looking at it.

Report 7 years ago Ours don't allow that. There was a show a little like it for the UK though- cant for the life of me remember what it was called or what channel it was on - and it basically involved these families trying to do similar things to the US show.

One woman wrote off to her favourite companies and just told them how much she liked them and stuff and they sent her a voucher for a free block of cheese although it was a small one. And one had the habit of complaining about something fairly trivial to the company only to be sent a replacement item - got it free. Report 5 years ago However, stores are catching on and changing policy to restrict extreme coupon use.

Couponing clipping can be fun and exciting. But you know we also have to be aware of those legit and not. Coupon fraud is everywhere. We cannot deny how couponing save some bucks of money. Daneeka Badges: Solemn Rain Badges: But we get free healthcare. Malevolent Badges: Willum Infanta Badges: 0.

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