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If there's one thing that I know, its that more and more of what people are doing on the internet today involves video. More than anything else for most people I'm a still-photo nut as I have an elaborate DSLR rig , people are taking video on their cellphones and posting it to Facebook, YouTube, Picasa and other social network sites.

Unfortunately, not every video is created equally and getting the video — or even audio — you want in the format you need it in, isn't always easy. The app is a cross-platform tool and if you don't have it, you really should give it a long hard look. It helps you convert all kinds of audio and video formats with little to no loss in quality. If downloading video from any website is what does it for you, then you're going to love iDealshare VideoGo. The app is an all-in-one video downloader and converter.

You can also convert the downloaded videos to almost all popular video or audio formats.

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Conclusion: iDealshare VideoGo is a cool app. I really like that it converts both audio and video, and that it allows you to download video from popular video sharing sites. It also allows you to convert that downloaded video to the supported format you need it in.

The only thing that you really have to worry about is copy protection on the source video. The app may be able to download it, but it won't be able to convert that video to any other format you might need. Anonymous September 26, at PM. Anonymous September 27, at PM. Sharique Ansari October 2, at PM. Anonymous October 21, at PM. Anonymous November 8, at PM.

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Warren Canepa April 9, at PM. Etalon ve Noir February 18, at AM. Minstrel February 25, at AM. FootballMan March 2, at AM. Click the "Setting Step 2 Select desired output format Click the "Profile" drop-down menu to select preferable video or audio format as output profile from the correspond category. Step 3 Effect and setting for the output media file Optional Click the "Effect" button to open the Video Edit window to edit: Go to "Trim" tab to define which segment you want to convert by setting the start time and end time; Go to "Crop" tab to remove the black bars or define which region will be shown or unshown.

Go to "Image" tab to adjust the output video image brightness, contrast, saturation; Go to "Watermark" tab to add text or picture watermarks to movie files; Go to "Effect" tab to add video effects like "Black and White" or "Old Film" or to use Deinterlace to convert interlaced video to the progressive video; Go to "Subtitle" tab to add or remove subtitle.