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The artists are seated in a kitchen clipping coupons, suggesting lack.

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This is not meant to be seen as whining or arrogance, but rather to illustrate that the artists have to stand against the ugliness of an educational system that is ultimately biased in favor of the existing wealthy and is on the verge of becoming something unrecognizable and unconscionable.

The artists are preparing and in the process of scissoring away at the coupons which are located in the elevated space. Both artists are feminists and aware of the effects of effeminaphobia in their lives as the viewers see poorly cropped and unconventional beauty queens in the background.

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Patriarchy is in full view in the split center of the image as a light fixture, a man-made, mechanized structure morphs into a huge penis-esque image. This idea pours through the piece.

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The artists are in costume, and the costumes represent layered meanings. They are in drag. The bright but peculiar palette of the piece creates a surreal environment that is designed to underscore the insanity of the horrific conditions of industrial farming that we routinely accept in our regular visits to the grocery store. Mary, dressed as a cow, mixes the horrific with the humorous: the horrific speaks to the conditions of industrial farms where most cows live whereas - the humorous elements engage viewers and encourage them to identify with these figures and recognize the implications of eating meat.

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Jesse chooses this creature to gain some protection under the favored being but who is still delicate and in danger and also to express his femininity and truth. Humans often use their intellectual capacity to place themselves at the top of a hierarchy of all animals.

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They use their language and perceptual skills abstract intellectual skills in a manner that allows them to become blind to the cruelty they are orchestrating. For example, these coupons the queens are clipping are for restaurants that advertise in clean, bright, pretty colors. Imagine what fun you will have when you eat this pepperoni pizza! This is as far as one can get from the factory farms that pepperoni came from.

In the last several decades, much research has been done on whether animals do possess feelings and thoughts similar to humans.

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